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Board Excellence is a leading provider of board and governance services to Family Businesses. There are many examples of successful family businesses and these families usually demonstrate a sense of unity, a set of values for themselves and their business beyond solely financial gain, a unified vision, and a succession plan that seeks to develop and prepare current and subsequent generations for leadership and ownership. A significant factor in the majority of high-performing family businesses is their approach to ensuring a modern board and governance structure that blends family nominee directors with external independent board directors, leveraging the benefits of a highly-effective strategic board while respecting the traditional family values.

However, history shows that the vast majority of family businesses will fail before the third generation has been able to enjoy the success that has been achieved, purely because of internal conflicts rather than external events or pressures. In many cases, a root cause was a failure to professionalise the board of directors and ensure modern governance structures were in place. The issues that typically lead to such conflicts are many and varied and we can support you, your family and your business in addressing many of the pitfalls which are common to family businesses before they become a cause for concern or strife.

At Board Excellence we’ll support you in compiling your family constitution, developing a coherent and robust succession plan for leadership of the business and ensuring that a board and governance structures are in place that optimally support the business. We provide a full range of high-quality board support services for family businesses customised for the scale and governance maturity of the business including the following:

  • Board Chair and Non-Executive Director Search service (Ireland only)
  • Board best practices workshop training for directors and executives
  • Mentor service for Board Chairs and Non-Executive Directors
  • Support on Family Constitution development and family business governance
  • External board evaluations
  • Support on Board composition, diversity and succession planing
  • Support on CEO and leadership succession planning
  • Mediation of boardroom disputes and issues seriously impacting board effectiveness
  • Strategy and Board Away-Day facilitation
  • General Governance support

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