Governance and Culture Reviews

Board Excellence who work in Ireland, the UK and internationally, is a leading provider of Governance and Culture Reviews which are key to ensuring that the governance structures, culture and behaviours required to protect shareholders and stakeholders are embedded across the organisation.

How confident are you that your governance arrangements and practices are sufficiently robust to protect your organisation and grow it in a sustainable manner?

Do they protect your organisation for long-term sustainability and are keeping pace with the latest best practices in governance and culture?

How effective is your board of directors in overseeing the effectiveness of governance frameworks, policies, arrangements and controls which safeguard your organisation?

Periodic, independent reviews of your company’s governance and culture framework and arrangements are essential to ensure that, together, they’re sufficiently sophisticated and robust to ensure that risk and control oversight are effective relative to the nature, scale and complexity of your business.

Our comprehensive governance and culture review will provide you with objective evaluation of your;

  • Governance and organisation framework, policies and arrangements
  • Terms of reference, focus and activities of your principal governance forums
  • Your approach to assessing and understanding your organisation’s purpose and how your desired culture, values and behaviours at board level is embedded in the organisation
  • Compliance of your governance arrangements with relevant governance codes
  • Risk management and internal control framework

What Our Clients Say

“The Governance and Culture Review for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries touched on a wide range of issues from process through to behaviours. Board Excellence carried out a very thorough diligence with a full range of stakeholders and, despite the complexity of the picture, quickly identified the key issues. Where they needed to dig deeper, they did so quickly and sympathetically leaving virtually all interviewees feeling that their input had mattered. The conclusions were clear and are already being put into practice. Though it is still early days the signs are encouraging that Board Excellence have given us a platform and a roadmap from which to build.”

Ronnie Bowie,
Former President,
Institue and Faculty of Actuaries

“After a careful review process, we selected Board Excellence to assess and advise on our governance and other practices and were very glad we did. The experience was valuable at every stage and conveyed to us a strong sense that our interests, goals and challenges in the international
education sector were thoroughly understood. Rather than boilerplate advice we received sound, pragmatic and well-informed feedback that we will draw on in the years to come. Given how well Board Excellence served us, I wholeheartedly recommend them to other organizations”

Diane Negra,
Board Chair,
Sector: Public Sector

“We engaged the services of Ros O’Shea to assist with a Corporate Governance Review of our organisation. While we were a little daunted at the prospect of such a project, Ros took all of the fear away and made it feel like a very straightforward, simple project. Ros is extremely easy to work with and is very practical in her approach, she kept us very much on track, giving us the nudge when we needed it, to ensure we met our agreed timelines. We are now in a very good place with an updated Corporate Governance Handbook, new board and committee structures and a revised Constitution. I particularly liked the fact that Ros ensured that the review was proportionate to the size and scale of our organisation and that we did not end up with a large infrastructure that would in time become unmanageable and ineffective. A huge amount was achieved over a relatively short space of time, we couldn’t have done it without Ros’s expertise and support, and I couldn’t recommend Ros enough. I look forward to working with Ros again in the future.”

Joanne Keane,

“During 2021 and 2022, Board Excellence supported Cork Chamber in developing our Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and in updating our Code of Governance. The insights provide by Pat McGrath were invaluable in steering the Chamber towards a new strategic plan and a complete review of our governance arrangements. We have no hesitation in recommending Board Excellence and Pat McGrath for similar work.”

Ronan Murray,
Board Chair & President,
Cork Chamber

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