Board Dispute Mediation

Board Excellence, operating in Ireland, the UK and internationally is a leading provider of board dispute mediation services to a wide range of sectors and board types. Board Excellence have a strong track record in successfully resolving serious disputes which are crippling the board or significantly impacting on its effectiveness and harmony. These have included the following;

  • Serious breakdown in trust between the Non-Executive Directors and the Executive Team
  • Relationship difficulties between the Board Chair and CEO which impact’s the board’s functioning
  • Personality clashes, aggressive behaviours creating tension that escalate to extreme and un-resolvable levels
  • In-appropriate and/or un-professional behaviours that impact on the board and organisation
  • Family Business succession planning problems
  • Disputes arising between a Founder CEO and investment firm(s)
  • Shareholder conflict which paralyses the proper functioning of the board of directors
  • Factions emerging at the board which significantly reduces board effectiveness

Board Excellence combine their deep board dynamics and governance expertise and experience together with a structured dispute resolution framework to;

  • Identify the underlying root-causes of the board dispute
  • Build confidence in the board directors, executives, shareholders and relevant stakeholders of the merits of the independent board dispute mediation process and the board dispute mediator’s expertise
  • Engage thoughtfully with all the relevant parties to ensure all perspectives are fully listened to and understood, both at a one-to-one level and in appropriate groups at various stages
  • Identify common ground and practical potential solution approaches
  • Develop an overall recommended solution and work with all parties to build consensus
  • Support the execution of the agreed solution approach
  • Provide follow-on support where appropriate to both ensure successful implementation of the solution mechanism as well as mitigate against re-occurrence of the original root cause of the dispute

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