Mentoring and Coaching for Directors & Board Chairs

Board Excellence operating in Ireland, UK and internationally, provides a unique Board Chair and Board Director mentor support service. Examples of our mentor assignments include supporting;

  • Board Chairs taking on their first role
  • Experienced Board Chairs who are dealing with a challenging set of problems on their board
  • Company Secretary looking for support in helping them shaping the structures and practices required to support the board in achieving excellence.
  • Partners and Nominee Directors of Private Equity and Investment firms
  • Non-Executive Directors taking on their first board role
  • Committee Chair taking on their first role
  • Senior Independent Non-Executive Director (SID) or Lead Director taking on their first role
  • Non-Executive Director looking to grow their overall skill-set and contribution level
  • CEO looking for support on optimally engaging with the board

A key component of our Board mentor service is that the Board Excellence partner mentor is available to the Board Chair/Director on an ongoing basis in the event of important issues that arise which the Board Chair/Mentor would benefit from support and guidance on the matter. We have made a significant difference to many Board Chairs, Directors and CEOs who were faced with serious board challenges. In addition to dealing with serious dilemmas, we have also helped Board Chairs, Directors and CEOs drive sustained long-term improvement in how they engage, contribute and lead at board level.

How Can We Support You?

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